Nice to meet you,
I’m Riccardo!

I am a nature and excursions lover,
that’s why I decided to turn this passion into a job .
It all began while I was working in the Italian army.

I was the platoon leader of the Alpine soldiers
from the Cuneens division and that’s the period
in which I learned what it means to share
the knowledge about mountaineering.

My knowledge
and my passions

While I was wearing my army uniform I learned to bring out the best in people and to keep a team together in order to reach a goal. Even though I had received commendations and terms of praise, I decided to dismiss.

I needed a new start and I wanted to recharge myself with positive vibes.
I started from what I knew best. I believe there’s something magical in the place we belong to.

I followed my instinct and joined trail competitions, obstacles races, I spent my time doing mountaineering, ski and climbing and I finally felt in the right place for me.

To become a hiking guide was just the natural consequence of my journey. That’s how I decided to start, on my own. I put all the effort to give life to Outdoor Hiking Experience, a project that deeply reflects my beliefs and that offers experiences in true contact with nature and local culture.

I was looking for a path.
I found a mountain.

Why should you go for
an excursion in nature?

It is a life-changing experience.
Watchword: simplicity.

I truly believe there’s nothing better than do simple things and rediscover our contact with nature.
No picture can describe the feeling of walking through the wood, reaching a summit, laying on the lawn while listening to the sound of wind.
Seize the opportunity to live this experience in total safeness with an expert hiking guide by your side!